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Advantages digital printing

Innovative marketing opportunities.
Stay in the news. Offer limited editions or collectible series without restrictions such as line changeovers or minimum order quantities.

Involve your customers..
Give your customers the opportunity, to make their own individual design.

Grow your community.
Incorporate QR codes, with a twist such as competitions. with different codes.

Add variety to your packaging.
Print on 3D surfaces such as embossings, grooves and ball shaped surfaces.

Reduce your time-to-market.
Include up-to-the-minute information such as results of sport events - or stop ordering your. Season’s greetings in spring.

Speak the same language.
Include country specific information only in one language and use the additional space for more design.

Cost-effective methods

Minimum order quantities can be reduced to lot size one without additional costs. Ink cost is a fraction of label cost, especially for small order quantities.
The total cost of ownership of direct digital decoration is more than competitive to current high-quality decoration such as self-adhesive labels, sleeves or screen-print for any order quantity.
Direct digital decoration allows you to change your design at the push of a button. Automatic line changeovers reduce downtime of production lines, Label stock, surplus labels or label waste are a thing of the past. You can continue printing instead of taking care of label logistics.

Quality for highest standards

Impress your customers with real “no label look”. presenting photo quality premium images with outstanding level of detail..

Sharp dots make text easy to read – even the fine print.

Brilliant colors convey high quality.

Excellent abrasion and scratch resistance ensure that your brand lasts longer than the last sip.